Streetwise: Kirk Wynd

Name Plate

A narrow passage linking Thorter Row with Tally Street. Emerging at old kirkyard of St Mary’s and probably originally an access route to church from east.

In 15th century and early 16th century many church alterages supported by property between Tally Street and Thorter Row e.g. alter of St. George Martyr, property of which described in sasines 9th November, 1567 suggesting path laid out at early date.

Appears on late 18th-century plans un-named 1776; designated Kirk Wynd 1793. North frontage intact from 1776 until c.1865, south frontage probably rebuilt along same line at time Nethergate widened c.1812; street apparently maintained width until demolition in 1960s, as part of Overgate redevelopment with extensive basement area. It is unlikely any traces remain.

  • Kirk Wynd 1793
  • Church Lane by 1858

Source: ‘Historic Dundee – The Archaeological Implications of Development’, Scottish Burgh Survey 1988

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