Streetwise: Kingsway

Name Plate

The Kingsway, Dundee’s indispensable outer ring road, was the dream-child of James Thomson, the City Engineer who was responsible for the initial design of the Caird Hall as well as some superior municipal housing. The Kingsway, originally to be a wide, tree-lined avenue, was a long time in the planning and construction. For some years after its completion it marked the effective perimeter of the city, and the spread of housing beyond it is mainly post-1945.

More recently the creation of new industrial estates has largely obliterated this concept. The name Kingsway, devised during the planning stage, was meant to commemorate the current monarch, Edward VII, although the actual completion was in the reign of Victoria and Albert’s grandson, George V.

Source: ‘Dundee Names, People and Places’ – David Dorward

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