Streetwise: Fish Market / Green Market

Name Plate

Probably built on site of 16th-century harbour. Some building hereby 17th century (Provost Pierson’s house) on shore line.

At shore on site of present Caird Hall. Appears in 1776 and 1793 and 1821, as Fish Market at these dates; contained long tree-lined walk to harbour.

18th-century ‘Bason’ occupied south part of Green Market. By 1858 known as Green Market. Extensive piling work at foot of Green Market cobbles of Green Market lifted to lay foundation trench 2–3ft. Suggest animal disturbance of underlying deposits. By 1921 Caird Hall complete and relationship with site of Green Market recorded. Excavation for sinking drains East Whitehall Crescent 1890–1901 revealed walling possibly associated with 16th-century harbour suggesting, together with known rise in surface level of Fish Street, early levels may survive here.

Source: ‘Historic Dundee – The Archaeological Implications of Development’, Scottish Burgh Survey 1988

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