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Robert Bremner

b.1713 d.1789


From about 1754, Bremner was in business as a music publisher in Edinburgh. Some of his first publications included Niccolo Pasquali’s “Thorough Bass Made Easy”, “The Rudiments of Music” commissioned as a preceptor for church choirs, and reprints of the fiddle music of William McGibbon.

The guitar was much in vogue at this period and Bremner published guitar arrangements of “Twelve Scots Tunes” and “Instructions for the Guitar”. He supplied music for the prestigious Edinburgh Musical Society and in 1761 published the Six Overtures op.1 of Lord Kelly.

In 1762 Bremner moved his business to London, although the Edinburgh establishment was retained. He continued to enjoy great success and, on his death, his business was bought by Preston & Son.

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