Streetwise: Allan Street

Allan Street

Close in backlands buildings by 1858 between Seagate and East Dock Street. Widened and extended through frontages of these two streets by 1901 when frontages fully built. No new building episodes visible 1921–1952.

By 1982 the south west side of the street was cleared north of the junction with Seagate; rebuilt back from old Allan Street frontage; street widened so earlier south west frontage now beneath car park south of junction with East Dock Street built on land reclaimed from river in 19th century and now vacant.

Between 1982–1986, 2–12 Allan Street cleared together with 32–36 Allan Street; sites now vacant south east of junction with East Dock Street. Areas beneath upper part of Allan Street and Seagate junction most important archaeologically as it may be possible to detect early frontages.

Source: ‘Historic Dundee – The Archaeological Implications of Development’, Scottish Burgh Survey 1988

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