Walker – Wronski

Walker, A.
A system of familiar philosophy: in twelve lectures;…containing the elements and the practical uses to be drawn from the chemical properties of matter: the principles and application of mechanics; of hydrostatics;… London, 1802
23953c 23954c
…of hydraulics; of pneumatics; of magnetism; of electricity; of optics; and of astronomy. Including every material modern discovery and improvement to the present time.2 vols. pp. XVI + 354. IV + 251. 49 plates.
Walmesley, D. C.
Theorie du mouvement des apsides en general, et en particulier des apsides de l’orbite de la lune. Paris: Quillau, 1749
pp. XVI + 61. plate.
Waring, Edward
Meditationes analyticae. Cantabrigiae: J. Nicholson, 1785
2nd ed. pp. XLII + 722. 4to.
Woodhouse, Robert
A treatise on isoperimetrical problems. Cambridge: J. Smith, 1810
pp. IX + 154.
Woodhouse, Robert
An elementary treatise on astronomy. Cambridge: J. Smith, 1812
pp. XV + 471.
Wright, J. M. F.
The principia of Newton. Cambridge: W. P. Grant, 1830
pp. XII + XXXVII + 173. 5 plates.Part 1 only.
Wronski, J. Hoene
Address...to the British Board of Longitude, upon the actual state of the mathematics...and upon the new celestial mechanics, giving the definitive solution of the problem of longitude. London: T. Egerton, 1820
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Wronski, J. Hoene
Introduction a la philosophie des mathematiques, et technie de l'algorithmie. Paris: Courcier, 1811
pp. VI + 269. 4to.
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