Book It, Use It, Learn It

Can I book?

Booking is advisable either in person or by telephone from any library citywide. Computers can be booked in ½ hour sessions for a maximum of 2 hours. There is no charge for this service.

User Guides

Downloads File Size
Universal Jobmatch 733KB PDF
Creating your own Facebook page 308KB PDF
Wellbeing website 288KB PDF
Shopping online 507KB PDF
Using YouTube 556KB PDF
Using Wikipedia 563KB PDF
Your Computer Keyboard 392KB PDF
BBC Skillwise 520KB PDF
Creating your own Hotmail Email Account 93KB PDF
Using your Hotmail Email Account 630KB PDF
Creating a Twitter Account 291KB PDF
Using your Twitter Account 248KB PDF
Creating your Gmail Account 494KB PDF
Using your Gmail Account 613KB PDF
Windows 8 Beginners Guide 108KB PDF
Computer Terminology 87KB PDF
Frequently Asked Questions 46KB PDF