I have an object I'd like to donate to The McManus. How would I go about this?

We can't accept all items that are offered to us, but contact Reception, tel (01382) 307200 and they will advise which Curator would be best placed to talk to you about your object. We have Curators of Fine and Decorative Art, Natural Sciences, Social and Industrial History and Early History.

Dundee Art Galleries and Museums have a written acquisitions policy - Museum Collecting and Disposal Policy which guides staff in their decision-making. The following statement is taken from the policy: "Objects will be accepted into the collection if they add intrinsic value to the research collections held at the museum, can be used for display purposes, or can be used for any other relevant activity carried out by the Arts and Heritage Section. Objects relating to Human History can be collected if they help to tell the story of the people and the city of Dundee and they do not duplicate the same or similar types of objects within the collection".

Need this in a different language?