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Trio of new exhibitions on show in Dundee

The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum are presenting a rare opportunity to see selected works from the City’s extensive collection of drawings with a trio of new exhibitions which feature artworks from the City’s nationally significant Fine Art collection.

‘Draw the Line: Old Masters to The Beano’ the largest of the three exhibitions, shows the vast and all encompassing range of creativity expressed in drawing. Works are loosely grouped into broad themes to provide glimpses into the many ways that artists use the discipline. The display features figure studies and portraiture, illustration, preparatory sketches, landscape and topography by historic and contemporary artists. There is also evidence of Dundee’s proud publishing history with the inclusion original artwork from the DC Thomson archives.

‘Work in Progress: From Paper to Paint’ offers a rare insight into the working processes behind finished oil paintings and highlights the importance of drawing as a preparatory stage for work completed in another media. Highlights include an exquisite study by Rossetti for one of the attendants in his masterpiece ‘Dante’s Dream on the Day of the Death of Beatrice’. The display also includes a rare pen and ink sketch by William McTaggart, who produced much of his later work on-the-spot without preparatory sketches.

‘Taking a Line for a Walk’ shows the freedom of working with pencil on paper. It illustrates how using these basic materials, artists are free to experiment, use their imagination, challenge themselves or simply to have fun. The display showcases ambitious drawings, featuring both playful and outsize works by artists including James Gunn, June Carey, Franziska Furter, Tim Knowles and Massimo Bartolini.

Bob Duncan, chair of Leisure & Culture Dundee said

“The City’s art collection is an outstanding resource, the range and quality of which is highlighted in the ongoing series of annual displays which explore different areas of the collection.  This year’s focus on drawing has an astounding one hundred and fifty artworks on display.  There is so much to explore and something for everyone to enjoy. “

Susan Keracher, curator at The McManus said

“In a fast-paced world, the act of drawing – however basic our skills - slows us down, encouraging us to really look at the world around us.  The most basic form of communication, drawing remains a vital part of an artist’s practice.  There is so much here to reflect on.”

The exhibitions also include artists’ quotes around the galleries highlighting the enduring importance of drawing and designed to inspire visitors.  Visitors are also encouraged to get involved on social media using the #DrawMcManus hashtag.

All exhibitions are now open and admission is free.

Draw the Line: Old Masters to The Beano extends until Autumn 2016. Work in Progress: From Paper to Paint runs until Sunday 31 January 2016 and Taking a Line for a Walk continues until Sunday 17 April 2016.

Opening Times: Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12.30-4.30pm


News Item Date: 9 December 2015