Sound of Dundee Vol. 3

Sound of Dundee Vol. 3

Dundee’s Place Partnership team is delighted to announce they will be launching a new sound of Dundee CD. The compilation helps contribute towards Dundee’s recently published Music Strategy, which aims to grow opportunities, develop audiences and improve the promotion of music in the city.

Titled ‘Sound of Dundee Vol 3’, the playlist features 13 tracks of new, independent music from established Dundee musicians and local bands. The CD also includes young people participating in Dundee’s YMI across a range of genres and will help to showcase the wealth of musical talent currently based in and around the Dundee area. There have two previous volumes which have featured Be Charlotte, Model Aeroplanes and Sinderins.

The Sound of Dundee compilation will be produced as a limited run of 4000 CDs which will be available for the public to pick up for free from Tuesday, September 19 in locations such as Assai Record Shop, Rainbow Music, DCA and many others.

Andy Truscott, Desk Officer for Dundee Place Partnership said “The latest Sound of Dundee CD once again showcases the huge musical potential the city has to offer. Sound of Dundee Vol 3 is evidence that our city continues to develop and produce some of the best musicians in Scotland.”

Place Partnership is supported by Creative Scotland and partners Dundee City Council, Leisure & Culture Dundee, University of Dundee and Abertay University.  It is managed by Leisure & Culture Dundee.


1. Andrew Wasylyk – Last of the Loved
2. Kashmir Crows – Happiness
3. Terrafraid – A Desolate Existence
4. Emerald Iona – You
5. Rhona Macfarlane – Golden Leaves
6. Sahara – Scratch
7. ST MARTiiNS – othr grls
8. Broken Boy – Anna Eco
9. Haystack Monolith – Let’s Vibrate
10. Tragical History Tour – Come On Home, Hero
11. Francis Duffy and The Kingpins – Sell Her Soul (To the Devil Tonight)
12. Neil Morrison – Goodbye In A Hurry
13. A.I.M – Put the Fire Out

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