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Ringing endorsement for Beano Anniversary

Ringing endorsement for Beano Anniversary

To mark 80 years of Beano this year the Dundee Bellringers will ring a special three and half hour peal at the Old Steeple on Wednesday 7 March to mark the anniversary and celebrate that Dundee is now considered the World's capital of comics.

First published in 1938, Beano has continued to entertain children and adults alike for 80 years. From Lord Snooty, Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids, DC Thomson have created some of the most iconic characters in comic history.

Aptly, The Bash Street Kids comic story was originally titled ‘When the Bell Rings’ and as the two million members of the Dennis & Gnasher Fan Club already know, ‘dong’ always follows ‘ding’ in Beanotown.

Mike Stirling, Head of Beano Studios Scotland said

“In Beanotown, kids are most definitely heard as well as seen, so it’s brilliant the birthplace of our record-breaking comic is demonstrating the same rebellious philosophy (in such an ‘a-pealing way’ via the Dundee Bellringers).  We’re proud that they’ll be wearing red and black stripes to mark the occasion.”

Carly Cooper from Dundee Bell Ringers said

 "This is a towering achievement for Beano and we wanted to celebrate Dundee's rich comic history by providing a ringing endorsement at the Old Steeple for our favourite comic characters."

Starting from 5:30pm the peal will last until 9pm and is a fitting nod to the comic that believes children should always be heard as well as seen.