The New Olympia

Plan for new Olympia

The building will have a Fitness Studio, Multi-purpose Room, Cafeteria, Wave Pool, Rapid River, Toddlers Pool, Training Pool, Dive Pool and Activity Pool with a moveable floor to facilitate various pool depths from 0 - 1.8m deep (this feature will enable us to provide diverse activities such as swimming lessons, shallow/deep aerobics). Also within the pool hall area are 4 flumes accessed from the one high tower. The flumes will exit into aqua catches rather than a separate pool area, and they will also incorporate various features which are sure to provide an attraction to all age groups.

To accommodate 50-metre swimming the Dive Pool, Activity Pool and Training Pool can be converted into a 50-metre pool by lowering the submersible and transverse booms which will be installed to create these three separate pool areas.

The Rapid River will also incorporate a seated bubble bed area within the central area of this feature.

The Toddlers Pool will provide a play structure which incorporates a small slide, interactive water features and a small tipping water bucket above the feature.