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New Wolf Cubs Born at Camperdown Wildlife Centre

New Wolf Cubs Born at Camperdown Wildlife Centre

Camperdown Wildlife Centre is delighted to announce the birth of five new wolf cubs. Keepers at the Wildlife Centre in Dundee had been aware that their adult female wolf Aurora, who arrived at the Centre in March last year, was pregnant and they are excited to see the new cubs active in their enclosure.

The three-week old cubs join a pack of four European wolves currently in the Centre after the unexpected births of two cubs last year, just two month after their parents arrived at the zoo. The newborns are already getting along well with the rest of the pack and their older siblings have been seen carrying the new cubs around their den.

Bradly Yule, Network Manager at Camperdown Wildlife Centre said

“We are very proud to announce five European wolf cubs born on the 11th May. The cubs have been out of their den and are starting to explore their surroundings. The whole pack has been caring for them and the family will soon be moving to an extended enclosure space by the end of summer which will give them more room to explore and play.”

Visitors to the Wildlife Centre may be able to spot the new arrivals which have been seen basking in the morning sun this week.

The cubs’ mother, Aurora, was born at the Highland Wildlife Park in 2013 and their father, Loki, was born in 2012 in the Netherlands. The new additions are expected to be very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Press Release Date: 
2 Jun 2017