Music to Our Ears: Dundee launches its first Music Strategy

Music To Our Ears is Dundee’s first Music Strategy and it looks to address many of the issues facing the music sector in the city.

Prepared by Dundee’s Place Partnership team, the document is the culmination of a year-long process of consultation, conversations and consideration. Over 650 people participated in the consultation through an online survey, face to face interviews and public events. The wealth of information received has been distilled into three commitments and an accompanying Action Plan.

The strategy’s three commitments are:

  • Growing Opportunities – to making the music sector in Dundee strong, sustainable and ambitious for its musicians and its venues.
  • Developing Audiences – to growing the number of people attending live music in Dundee as we build Dundee’s reputation as a place to experience live music.
  • Improving Promotions – to making sure that audiences are able to quickly, easily and effectively access information about live music.

The strategy is available online here

Over the next 12 months, actions contained within the strategy will be taken forward by the Place Partnership team.  Officer time along with a modest budget will be allocated to delivering some of the actions contained within the strategy and strengthening networks in the city.

Supporters of Dundee’s Music Strategy include Leisure & Culture Dundee and Dundee City Council alongside the city’s further education institutes, cultural agencies and venues, amateur music groups, record labels, festivals, management companies, teachers and record stores.

Billy Gartley, Head of Cultural Services at Leisure & Culture Dundee, launched the strategy, saying

‘The launch of Dundee’s Music Strategy is another moment in the continuing story of Dundee’s cultural regeneration. It will contribute towards ensuring that Dundee is known as an international city of creativity. This is a shared strategy, it is not owned by one particular organisation and therefore it is only together with the support of various individuals, agencies, networks and organisations in the sector that we will make Dundee a better place to hear, perform and learn music.’

Kenny Christie, Education Support Officer, Arts, Culture and Out of School Care Services at Dundee City Council, who helped to launch the strategy said,

‘We are delighted to be supporting the launch of Dundee’s Music Strategy today and to be highlighting the strong commitments it makes towards supporting young people into music. Dundee has a brilliant track record in early-years and youth music provision but today’s strategy will further strengthen the pathways for young people to get into music as a viable career.   A corner stone of this strategy is supporting those initiatives which are focused on improving accessibility for young people to perform and share their music and I’m excited to see the impact that this will have on the next generation of musicians coming out of Dundee.’

Alan Morrison, Head of Music at Creative Scotland, said

‘Dundee is a city that has strong musical roots but is always looking to the future.  It is a city blessed with a rich mix of artists and creative organisations.  The music scene in Dundee is defined by high quality and diversity of what’s on offer. We are pleased to see the partners coming together through the Place Partnership to embed music into the City’s strategic plans.

Press Release Date: 
27 Jul 2017
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