Mary Slessor Booklist

Bunyan, John
Ilo-siwaju ero-mimo lati aiye yi si eyi ti mbo ni ifiwe ala. (Pilgrim’s Progress). Egbe Church Missionary, 1911 [4]124pp, illus.
Note on flyleaf reads: “Charles Partridge/IKOT-EKPENE/ Given to Dundee/ in memory of/ Mary Slessor./C.P./ 23 Aug. 1950”.

Bunyan, John
Mbuk asana usun hevn. Obuk nte enye otode ke ererimbot emi asana aka hevn. Alexander Robb akabare ewet ke iko efik (translator?) Edinburgh: Messrs. Muir ye Paterson Efik, 1868 vii,207pp
Note on flyleaf reads: “Charles Partridge IKOT-EKPENE given to Dundee in memory of Mary Slessor. C.P. 23 Aug. 1950”.

Frazer, J. G. (later Sir James Frazer)
Questions on the manners, customs, religion, superstitions, &c., of uncivilized or semi-civilized peoples. answers to all or any of the following questions will be gratefully received by… n.d.
…J. G. Frazer, M.A., F.R.G.S., Trinity College, Cambridge, England. a stapled pamphlet comprising a t.p. and 16 p., with 1 unnumbered p., setting out numbered queries arranged according to theme, from “tribes” to “miscellaneous”. Pencilled “C. Partridge” at head of title page.

Goldie, Rev. Hugh Dictionary of the Efik language in two parts. i. – Efik and English ii. – English and Efik. Edinburgh: United Presbyterian College Buildings, n.d.
Note on flyleaf [now loose] reads: 1) “C. Partridge 12th Feb. 1905” 2) “given to Dundee in memory of Mary Slessor c.p. 23 Aug 1950” . Both notes are in Charles Partridge’s handwriting – the former note in relatively faded ink. other loose inserts: 1) Letter dated 10th july 1905 from Training Institute, Calabar, Southern Nigeria, signed by E. Mclachlan, Book Depot, accompanying delivery of books “Ikpat Ke Ikpat” and “Pilgrim’s Progress”; 2) Letter from Legion of Frontiersmen to Charles Partridge acknowledging receipt of subscription and commending Mr. Fred. Butt c/o Niger co. Ltd. this reads “ ; 3) “Questions on the manners…of…peoples” by J.G. Frazer (Sir James Frazer), catalogued elsewhere, signed “C.Partridge”. This is a list of questions drawn up by J.G. Frazer and addressed to people in contact with “Uncivilized or semi- civilized peoples”.

Ikpat ke ikpat me akpa nwed ndito-owon. akpa ubak.
Title page signed by Charles Partridge.
Conserved by Dunn and Wilson, 1962.

Mclachlan, E.
Letter 10th February 1905

This letter was found in the “Dictionary of the Efik Language” donated by Charles Partridge in memory of Mary Slessor. It is therefore assumed that originally it had been sent to Charles Partridge at the time he was beginning to study the Efik language. it is included here as part of the history of the small book collection which he donated.

Training Institute,

Southern Nigeria

10th feby. 1905

Dear Sir,

I send herewith books, etc. as requested. The Ikpat ke Ikpat & Pilgrim’s Progress are the first books used by beginners for reading, so have sent them. Sorry we have no Grammers.

I am

Yours Sincerely
E. Mclachlan,
Book Depot

Obufa Testament
Obufa Testament. Abon ye andinyana nyin Jisus Krist, ke ika efik. [The New Testament in Efik] [4]403pages National Bible Society of Scotland, 1904.
Formerly property of Mary Slessor. Notes on flyleaf read: 1) “m m slessor Ikot Obon” (Slessor’s hand). 2) “C Partridge Esq Ikot Okpene* 1906” (in faded ink). 3) “[1906] (these square parentheses actually written, not biblio-graphic notation) Given to Dundee in memory of Mary Slessor. C.P. 23 Aug. 1950”.
Title page signed M M Slessor

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