Free Wi-fi Service

A free Wi-Fi service is available to all Community Libraries and Central Library. Users of the library can access the Internet on their personal devices simply by logging on and immediately receive a broadband Internet connection to their laptops, mobile phone etc. The connection is secure and confidential, however all users are asked to be aware of the 'Code of Conduct' when using this service.

Wi-Fi Access in Dundee City Council Libraries - Code of Conduct

Free access to Wi-fi is available during library opening hours.

Users of the free Wi-fi service are advised of the following code of conduct:

  • the Council is not responsible for an individual's personal device nor the content held on it.
  • the use of personal devices in the library is not limited to a specific area, however consideration should be given to other users of the library. If requested by a member of library staff to move to another area of the library, this should be carried out immediately.
  • access to the internet using a personal device is the user's responsibility, however accessing sites which may be considered illegal, offensive and obscene will result in Wi-fi access being terminated.