Magazines held in the Reference and Information Centre, Central Library

The undernoted list of magazines are available in the Reference and Information Centre of Central Library.

Magazines Frequency Copies Held
Location of
Back Copies
Architecture and Building      
Architect's Journal Weekly 1893 to date  
Architectural Review Monthly 1906 to date  
Conservation Bulletin Twice Yearly current  
Construction News Weekly 6 months  
Focus Annually current  
Historic Scotland Quarterly 2003 to date Local History
Business and Finance      
Business: Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce Monthly 1999 to Date Local History
Better Business Bi-Monthly 1 year  
Commercial Property Register Scotland Quarterly current  
Econometrics Journal 3 per year perm Reference & Information
Economic Journal Bi-Monthly 1965 to date  
Economist Weekly 1944 to date  
Franchise Magazine Monthly 1 year  
Investor's Chronicle Weekly 6 months  
Money Facts Monthly 1 year  
Pointer Monthly current  
Update Standards Monthly current  
Scot-Ads Weekly 1 month  
Computing and IT      
Computing 'Which'? Bi-Monthly 2 years  
Mac Format Monthly 1 year  
.Net Monthly 1 year  
Pc Pro Monthly 1 year  
Current Affairs and Politics      
Adlib Monthly 1 year  
Deutschland Bi-Monthly 1 year  
Holyrood Magazine Fortnightly 1 year  
New Humanist Quarterly 1 year  
New Internationalist Monthly 1 year  
New Statesman Weekly 6 months  
Newsweek Weekly 6 months  
New Worker Weekly 6 months  
Paris Match Weekly 6 months  
Private Eye Fortnightly 1 year  
Scots Independent Monthly 1 year  
Scottish Socialist Voice Fortnightly 1 year  
Socialist Standard Monthly 1 year  
Society Now 3 per Yearly current  
Spiegel Weekly 6 months  
Time Weekly 6 months  
Education and Training      
Contact (Dundee University) Quarterly 1976 to date Local History
Times Educational Supplement Weekly 3 months  
Times Higher Educational Supplement Weekly 3 months  
Caterer and Hotelkeeper Weekly 6 months  
Countryside Jobs Service Monthly Monthly current  
Hairdresser's Journal Weekly 6 months  
Arthritis Today Quarterly 1 year  
British Medical Journal Weekly 6 months  
Cancer Prevention and Health News Monthly current  
Connect Quarterly current  
Full Potential Quarterly current  
Health Service Journal Weekly 6 months  
Nursing Times Weekly 6 months  
Spectra Bi-monthly current  
Vegetarian Quarterly 1 year  
Amateur Gardening Weekly current  
Amateur Photographer Weekly 6 months  
British Philatelic Bulletin Monthly 1 year  
Climber Monthly 1 year  
Cycle-touring Bi-Monthly 1 year  
Cycling Weekly 6 months  
Everyday Practical Electronics Monthly 1 year  
Gardening 'Which'? Monthly 2 years  
Gibbons Stamp Monthly Monthly 1 year  
Golf Monthly Monthly 1 year  
Good Housekeeping Monthly current  
Model Engineer Fortnightly 1949 to date  
Practical Fishkeeping Monthly 1 year  
Practical Wireless Monthly 1 year  
Radio Times Weekly 1 month  
Retirement Today Monthly 1 year  
Scottish Field Monthly 1 year  
Scottish Hosteller Yearly Current copy only kept  
Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal Yearly 1899 to date Reference & Information
Sphere (formerly Illustrated London) Quarterly 1842 to date Reference & Information
T.V. Times Weekly 1 month  
Trout Fisherman Monthly 1 year  
'Which' Travel Quarterly 2 years  
Woman and Home Monthly current  
Literature and Culture      
Author Quarterly 5 years  
Lallans Twice Yearly 5 years  
List Fortnightly 6 months  
New Writing Scotland Yearly 1990 to date  
Poetry Reader Monthly 2007 to date  
Review of Scottish Culture Annual perm Reference & Information
Scene Quarterly current  
Scotlit Twice Yearly current  
Scottish Chess Monthly current  
Scottish Language Yearly 5 years  
Scottish Literary Review Quarterly 5 years  
Scottish Review of Books Quarterly 1 year  
Scottish Studies Yearly 1957 to date Reference & Information
Screen International Weekly 1 year  
Sight and Sound Monthly 1 year  
Stage Weekly 6 months  
Time Out Weekly 6 months  
Times Literary Supplement Weekly 3 months  
Tocher Irregularly 1971 to date  
Local Government      
Local Government News Monthly 1 year  
Municipal Journal Weekly 6 months  
Local News      
Arbroath Herald Weekly 1 month  
Fife Free Press Weekly 1 month  
Fife Herald News Weekly 1 month  
Forfar Dispatch Weekly 1 month  
Guide and Gazette Weekly 1 month Local History
Montrose Review Weekly 1 month  
Perthshire Advertiser Twice Weekly 1 month  
Weekly News Weekly 1856 to date Local History
Bulwark Quarterly 1 year  
Church Times Weekly 1 month  
Faith Initiative Twice yearly 1 year  
Free Bi-monthly current  
Free Presbyterian Magazine Monthly 1 year  
Humanitie Quarterly 1 year  
Inquirer Fortnightly 1 year  
Jewish Chronicle Weekly 1 month  
Life and Work Monthly 1 year  
Middleway Quarterly 1 year  
Scottish Catholic Observer Weekly 1 month  
The Record Monthly 1 year  
Young People's Magazine Monthly 1 year  
Science and Environment      
Barometer Quarterly 2 years  
Ethical Consumer Bi-Monthly 2 years  
Geographical Magazine Monthly 1 year  
National Geographic Magazine Monthly 1916 to date Reference & Information
New Scientist Weekly 6 months  
Planet Earth Quarterly 1 year  
Resurgence Bi-Monthly 1 year  
Reforesting Scotland Twice Yearly 1 year  
Scientific American Monthly 1 year  
Scotland in Trust Quarterly current  
Scottish Wildlife Quarterly 1 year  
Sky and Telescope Monthly 1 year  
Bridge (The) Irregularly perm Local History
Scots Magazine Monthly 1927 to date Reference & Information
Scottish Affairs Quarterly 1 year Reference & Information
Scottish Business and Industrial History Twice Yearly 1978 to date Reference & Information
Scottish Farmer Weekly 1 month  
Scottish Geographical Journal Irregularly 1885 to date Reference & Information
Scottish Historical Review Twice Yearly 1903 to date Reference & Information
Scottish Journal of Political Economy Bi-Monthly 1954 to date Reference & Information
Scottish Legion News Bi-Monthly 1 year  
Scottish Review Annual current  
Social Issues      
Community Development Journal Quarterly 2 years  
Pensioners Voice Quarterly current Local History
The Wee Issue Quarterly current Local History
Autocar Weekly 6 months  
Aviation News Monthly 1 year  
Commercial Motor Weekly 6 months  
Flight International Weekly 6 months  
Motor Cycle News Weekly 3 month  
Parker's Car Price Guide Monthly current  
Railway Magazine Monthly 1 year  
Telegraph Monthly 1 year  
What Car? Monthly 1 year  

You may also find links to the following websites useful:-

UK Newsstand - is a full database of UK and Irish national and local press. Each issue of every newspaper is indexed including editorials, obituaries and letters. The back archive varies according to the newspaper concerned, but goes back at least 3 years for all the national UK papers. Available only within Dundee Libraries.

For further information about the Reference & Information Centre please visit their webpage.