Newspapers held in Leisure Reading, Central Library

The undernoted list of newspapers are available in Leisure Reading, Central Library.

Newspapers Frequency Copies Held
Location of
Back Copies
Awaz Monthly Current copy only  
Courier Daily 1862 to date Local History
Daily Express Daily 1 month  
Daily Jang Daily 1 month  
Daily Mail Daily 1 month  
Daily Mirror Daily 1 month  
Daily Record Daily 1 month  
Daily Telegraph Daily 1 month  
Des Pardes Weekly 1 month  
Evening Telegraph (Fifth Edition) Daily 1 month  
Evening Telegraph (Late Extra) Daily 1877 to date Local History
Financial Times Daily 1 month  
Guardian Daily 1 month  
Herald (Glasgow) Daily 1 month  
Independent Daily 1 month  
Independent on Sunday Weekly 1 month  
Janomot Weekly 1 month  
Mail on Sunday Weekly 1 month  
Morning Star Daily 1 month  
Observer Weekly 1 month  
Press and Journal Daily 1 month  
Scotland on Sunday Weekly 1 month  
Scotsman Daily 1 month  
Scottish Sunday Express Weekly 1 month  
Sing Tao Daily 1 month  
Sun Daily 1 month  
Sunday Herald Weekly 1 month  
Sunday Mail Weekly 1 month  
Sunday Post Weekly 1 month  
Sunday Times Weekly 1 month  
Times Daily 1 month  

You may also find links to the following websites useful:-

UK Newsstand - is a full database of UK and Irish national and local press. Each issue of every newspaper is indexed including editorials, obituaries and letters. The back archive varies according to the newspaper concerned, but goes back at least 3 years for all the national UK papers. Available only within Dundee Libraries.