CCTV at Olympia


Q1. Why is CCTV Necessary at Olympia?

A1. The cameras are there for public safety and have specialist software that blocks out the internal area of any nearby cubicles to protect privacy. The software set up blocks areas on the viewing screen which is built into the system and this cannot be altered by our staff. This type of system is the industry standard and follows best practice for CCTV operation.

Unedited Footage:

Q2. If the cameras are recording, is there unedited footage before the software editor is applied?

A2. We can confirm that unedited footage does not exist and that cubicles are blocked at the time of recording.

Staff in Attendance:

Q3. Why is it necessary to have cameras when we can film from the entrances and staff are always in attendance?

A3. The cameras are used for the added safety and security of patrons and staff, the recorded footage can only be accessed by authorised Senior members of staff and only in the event of an incident or crime investigation. The cameras have proved an invaluable resource in crime prevention and detection.

Safety Concerns:

Q4. What are the safety concerns that can’t be addressed in other ways?

A4. This approach meets the expected industry standard for new facilities of this nature. CCTV is the recommended deterrent for crime and is the most reliable method of providing evidence in court for successful prosecutions.

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