First ‘Two Moons’ Festival to take place in Dundee Schools

First ‘Two Moons’ Festival to take place in Dundee Schools

Two Moons, a festival for young adults linking themes of literacy and literature to life and work is to take place for the first time in Dundee Schools throughout February and March 2019. Funding of over £20K was secured from the School Library Improvement Fund which is intended to raise awareness that School libraries in Scotland are a key resource and are central to the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, develop pupil skills for the world of work, and encourage learning that will stay with pupils throughout their lives.

School Librarians will be involved in coordinating the events as well as promoting the Festival within their schools and demonstrating how their Service and expertise connects to the wider world of work, life and wellbeing.

Much of the central organisation has been undertaken by Dundee Schools Library Service, Leisure & Culture Dundee in partnership with Dundee City Council. The festival will provide young people with opportunities to view reading and learning from a variety of new perspectives and enable them to identify links between employment, life, health and wellbeing. The title, Two Moons, comes from the novel Walk two Moons that contains the quote ‘don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins’.

The inspiring and varied programme of events has been curated for secondary school pupils from across Dundee and includes a series of ‘Discovering Journalism’ workshops with the Editor of The Courier and Advertiser, Catriona MacInnes at Discovery Point. In other sessions, author, Gill Arbuthnott will introduce the skills required to write a factual book. Dundee Comics Creative Space are to host six sessions delivered by professional comic artists that will explore the art of visual storytelling. Dave Cousins, a writer who deals with real life issues in a down to earth manner, using warmth and humour, will visit schools to deliver workshops to first year pupils.

There will also be Pecha Kucha style events in The Steps Theatre at Dundee Central Library. Six speakers from a variety of backgrounds including scientist, artists and writers have been  invited to talk about how a book has impacted on their life or career. Links between reading and areas such as mental health, problem solving and self improvement will all be explored. The programme also includes a fast paced ‘High Tea at The High Mill’ event where small groups of pupils will be given the chance to engage with speakers from all walks of life including graffiti artists and dancers to name but a few . To conclude the festival, young adult books which have been adapted into feature films will be shown at The Steps Theatre, Central Library to highlight that many films often originate as books and stories.

Organisers Elaine Hallyburton, Senior Library & Information Officer and Moira Foster, Education Support Officer said

“We can’t wait for the Two Moons Festival to begin. This is the first time a festival of this scale and type has been programmed for young people in Dundee schools. We have invited lots of quality speakers and facilitators from a variety of backgrounds to provide pupils with an immersive experience. The positive effects of reading and writing have the power to influence all areas of our lives and we hope these events provide a lasting and inspirational impact on pupils.”

Date: 31 January 2019
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