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Dundee: An Active City with Active People

Dundee: An Active City with Active People

Dundee has become the first place in Scotland to launch a Physical Activity Strategy. The strategy aims to help everyone connected to the city lead healthier and more active lives. Shona Robison, Cabinet Minister for Health and Sport was at Baxter Park to see the plans developed through the Dundee Partnership forge ahead, with a ‘Daily Mile’ taking place to celebrate the occasion. Daily Mile is an initiative promoted by the Scottish Government to encourage everyone to walk more.

The strategy sets out the priorities for the City based on demographics, population trends and statistics and provides an inspiring picture of what the city can be and what can be achieved through physical activity of all kinds. Dundee aspires to be an “active city with active people” by prioritising Sports& Recreation, Play, Active Living and Dance. The Dundee Partnership and the City’s physical activity sector believes this strategy, with its four complementary frameworks, provides the platform with which this can be achieved through appropriate investment, commitment and unity.

Sinclair Aitken, Chair of Leisure & Culture Dundee said

“Through the Dundee Partnership we have put the city in a great position to help everyone become more active. Becoming an active city with active people is something we can achieve by working together for the benefit of all.”

Councillor John Alexander, Leader of Dundee City Council said

“The strategy talks about increasing physical activity within the workplace and signing up to The Daily Mile is one way we can put that into action.

“We’ll be encouraging employees to walk to work, park further away, get off the bus a few stops early, go for a lunchtime walk, take the stairs not the lift and have walking meetings – anything that helps make The Daily Mile part of their daily routine.”

Health and Sport Secretary Shona Robison said

“Walking and being more active contributes so much to good physical and mental health. It’s fantastic to see so many organisations across Dundee work together in partnership to get people more active, more often and help us reach our ambition of becoming the first Daily Mile Nation.”

Dr Drew Walker, Director of Public Health, NHS Tayside said

“Walking is likely to appeal to all employees as a means to promote physical activity. Many schools in the city are already taking part in the Daily Mile and I look forward to our NHS staff experiencing similar health& wellbeing benefits. Dundee City Council and NHS Tayside employees taking the challenge together demonstrates the combined effort the city is making to helping everyone become more active, happier and healthy.”

Sportscotland Chief Executive Stewart Harris said

“We are delighted to have worked with our partners on the development of Dundee’s Physical Activity Strategy.

“We strive to ensure sport is at the heart of society in Scotland and makes a lasting and positive impact on people and communities.

“The priorities set out in the strategy can help the people of Dundee become more active and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The strategy has been developed in partnership with Leisure & Culture Dundee, Dundee City Council, NHS Tayside, Abertay University, Dundee Academy of Sport, University of Dundee, Dundee Dance Partnership, sportscotland and Play Scotland.

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