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DP&L ship models arrive at The McManus Collection Unit

Leisure & Culture Dundee have taken delivery of eight ship models and a number of artworks purchased for Dundee City Council’s permanent museum collections. The works will form part of a larger collection of maritime material that reflects Dundee’s maritime history and were acquired from the DP&L (Dundee, Perth & London) Group.

Amongst the collection is a model of the paddle steamer ‘Perth’. The full sized steamer was ordered by DP&L from the famous Clydeside Engineer, Robert Napier and completed in 1834. It was one of the most luxurious and fastest steamers on the east coast and its masters at the time took great pleasure in outpacing their Leith and Aberdeen rivals.

The DP&L shipping company have a firm place in the history of Dundee and can trace their history back to 1798 as The Dundee Shipping Company providing services to London.  The company then purchased a rival fleet in 1806 to form Dundee & Perth Shipping Company. By 1824 Dundee and Perth Shipping Company had competition from The Dundee and Perth Union Shipping Co and both companies joined that year to become Dundee, Perth and London Shipping Co.

Chair of Leisure & Culture Dundee, Bob Duncan said;  “We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to acquisition of these models. They will now act as a permanent memory of the DP&L shipping company and are a valuable addition to the wonderful maritime material already held in the city’s museum collections.”


Press Release Date: 2 September 2015