Community Coach of the Year


This award is about a local contribution to sport and will be presented to the coach who has demonstrated commitment and dedication to coaching within a community group, within a school or with a group of athletes throughout the last 12 months.

Core Criteria

  1. The nominee must be coaching within a Dundee based club or sports programme.
  2. The coach does not require to be resident in Dundee but must coach at a Dundee based community sports club or programme on a regular basis.
  3. The nominee must be of non-professional status.
  4. Only achievements gained in 2019 onwards will be taken into consideration.
  5. Nominations will be considered on the quality of the nominee not the quantity of nominations received.
  6. Nominations will be judged on the entry form alone.
  7. Previous winners of this award will be considered, based on the current nomination only.

The nomination should be considered on merit in the following areas of priority:

  • Overall impact on local community club / athletes / local sport etc
  • Personal commitment to programme / club / participants
  • Personal progress through NGB / generic coaching awards
  • Level / amount of resources available to coach to enable opportunities
  • Difference made to participants self esteem and confidence
  • Level of involvement of community in programme / club
  • Personal factors overcome to maintain commitment
  • Any other significant areas highlighted by the nomination will be considered as long as they highlight a contribution to sport
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