Caird Hall chandeliers face-lift for 2016

The original Caird Hall auditorium chandeliers are currently being given a face-lift for 2016 with work being undertaken onsite by award winning sculpture company Graciela Ainsworth to ensure they will be enjoyed by the public for years to come.

The fourteen chandeliers have been in position since Dundee’s largest concert venue opened in 1923. The chandeliers are lowered on special winches to ground level where they can be inspected, cleaned, dusted, painted and repairs made to an exceptionally high standard. This is the first time such work has been carried out but as the chandeliers are almost 100 years old it is necessary.

Edinburgh based Graciela Ainsworth have previously undertaken work on Pictish stones at The McManus as well as other high profile projects at Durham Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace and Stirling Castle.

The specialised conservation work has not affected the programme of events at the Caird Hall and will be completed in time for Runrig’s sold out Concert on Saturday February 12.


Press Release Date: 25 January 2016
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