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Caird Hall’s starring role on BBC iPlayer

Two high profile events from Dundee’s Caird Hall are now available to an audience of millions thanks to BBC iPlayer. Live recordings of Stampy Cat’s Christmas Cake Caper from November 30 and The MG Alba Na Trad Awards held on December 5 can now being enjoyed by viewers via the BBC’s internet streaming catch up service.

Stampy Cat’s Christmas Cake Capers was the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Christmas Lecture for 2015 and had capacity audiences for both school pupils and the public. Demand for these performances was phenomenal and Stampy Cat aka Joseph Garrett enthralled the children at both performances with his Minecraft playing skills.

The MG Alba Na Trad Awards brought together musicians from all over Scotland to for the highlight of the Scottish Traditional Music Calender. A two day set-up by the technical team and a full day’s rehearsal resulted in one of the most professional shows ever staged at the Caird Hall. The glittering awards ceremony was their biggest event to date and was for the first time streamed worldwide courtesy of the BBC iPlayer. The award ceremony was such a success that organisers of the event confirmed they will be returning next year.

Simon Thoumire, Creative Director of Hands Up For Trads said

“We would like to thank the Caird Hall for being such warm hosts, Dundee City Council for their overwhelming support this year and MG Alba for their continued contribution to the awards and allowing the whole world to tune in. We are delighted to announce that in 2016 the Scots Trad Awards are staying put and will return to Dundee’s Caird Hall on Saturday 3 December.”

Chair of Leisure and Culture Dundee Bob Duncan said

“These events take the Caird Hall to another platform in respect of attracting national events to the City. The quality of the recordings on BBC iPlayer is excellent. It is an outstanding venue and one we should all be very proud of having in Dundee”.

To view the shows go to
Na Trads: Scotland's Traditional Music Awards 2015 - 5 December 2015

Royal Society of Edinburgh Christmas Lecture: Stampy's Christmas Cake Caper - 30 November 2015