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Alex Salmond re-arranges Dundee and Inverness stage shows

Alex Salmond re-arranges Dundee and Inverness stage shows

The “Beast from the East” has forced the postponement of Alex Salmond’s stage shows this weekend in Dundee and Inverness.

Fridays show in Dundee has been rescheduled for Friday 27th April while the two shows in Inverness have been postponed for just two weeks until Saturday 17th March.

Alex commented “It is very disappointing because we had great audiences for each show and a really fantastic cast. However we would have had to ignore the Scottish Government’s sensible travel advice to bring in the cast and crew and this we could not reasonably do.

The problem is not really the weather in Dundee and even less so in Inverness itself but more that many of the audience and cast are travelling in from around the country. In these circumstances you have to put safety first.

Luckily both venues have given us great alternative dates and all tickets will hold good for the new dates. In addition anyone who cannot make the new dates can get a full refund, all they need to do is contact the point of purchase on Tuesday”

The star studded cast have already indicated that they will do their very best to make the new dates and the show will go on albeit slightly postponed. In addition to Alex and his house band The Carloway’s the shows were due to feature Des Clarke, Sheena Wellington, Elaine C Smith, David Hayman and Brian Cox between the two venues.

Alex joked “We are delighted to get such an early date in Inverness while April 27th is Freedom Day in South Africa which must be an auspicious date for a Show in Scotland’s Yes city of Dundee!”