Acclaimed immersive performance In the Ink Dark returns as dance and poetry come to life at Dundee Central Library & Dundee Rep

In the Ink Dark

In the Ink Dark - A dance and a poem made from memory and from conversation will be performed at Dundee Central Library, Dundee Rep and Platform Glasgow rehearsal rooms this month.

In the Ink Dark is an intimate, participatory project from performance maker and choreographer Luke Pell and collaborators. Taking inspiration from a series of conversational encounters, this unique work culminates in a live dance performance and publication and is accompanied by a series of podcasts.

Performed by an eclectic group of dance and performance artists with an original music composition, In the Ink Dark collects and explores different people's experiences of loss and landscape, memory and materiality through dance, design and poetry.

In the Ink Dark first captivated audiences in Summer 2017 when Luke spent time in Leith and Edinburgh libraries and at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in conversation with members of the public. These one-on-one encounters were open honest, conversations with people of all ages who shared memories and stories of loss and love. Together they formed the basis of a unique show that was part dance performance, part poetry breathing new life into everything from abandoned theatres to research spaces.

Now for 2019 following a new series of local encounters held in Dundee and Glasgow, In the In Dark returns. Performances will take place at Platform as part of Take Me Somewhere Festival, followed by Dundee Rep and Dundee Central Library. Conversations have taken place at Platform, Glasgow Women’s Library, Category Is, Dundee Libraries, The Space, and Dundee Rep.

Luke draws upon these and others' stories to make objects, dances and installations that can only exist because of different people coming together to listen and to share. This project invites people from all walks of life to talk with him, to share, reflect and celebrate something they have loved and lost. In the Ink Dark is an immersive project with different moments and modes of participation, an accumulative poem and choreography - for live and virtual space - that can only be made by the many people it meets with.

Speaking ahead of the performances in Dundee and Glasgow Luke said

“I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to develop In the Ink Dark through conversations with people in Glasgow and Dundee. I’ve met with people by chance and by appointment in all kinds of places - independent bookshops, cafes, libraries, benches, shopping centres - and had conversations about loss, about change, about what matters to them in their worlds in this moment. Conversations that have at times been incredibly moving - questioning, challenging, urgent - heart-fuelling and full of care. I'm looking forward to reflecting those voices and experiences in these specially created performances. Weaving together words, movement and the sense of an installation, I hope that audiences find their curiosity rewarded in an immersive experience unlike others.”

In the Ink Dark is performed by Lucy Cash, Suzi Cunningham, Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec, Rob Hesp, Nadia Iftkhar, Alex McCabe, Katie Miller, Frankie Mulholland, Kirsty Biff Nicolson, Janice Parker, and Richard White.

Original sound score from Scott Twynholm and performance design from Shanti Freed and Ben Whyman. Invited Voices for 2019 Podcasts: Nic Green & Ruairi Donovan, Jassy Earl & Chloe Smith, Lucy Gaizely, with a final Podcast from Kate Marsh and Luke Pell. Visual Artists: Brian Hartley and Valerie Reid. Print and Digital Design by Valerie Reid.

In the Ink Dark is supported by awards from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund and the following hosts and partners; Luminate, Platform, Dundee Rep, Dundee Libraries.

Tickets for the shows at Dundee Central Library on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May at 6.30pm are FREE and available at

Press Release Date: 
7 May 2019
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